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Kat and Brehm

Katherine Kane has had a love for children since she began babysitting at the age of twelve. Immediately after finishing high school in her native Southern California, she signed up with a Beverly Hills nanny agency and landed her first job working full time for none other than the famous David Hasselhoff! She graciously spent one year helping raise the Knight Rider’s two small children, giving them arts and crafts projects while dreaming about a lifelong career that would enable her to indulge in her passion for art.

After a short trip to San Francisco at the age of 20, she fell in love with the Bay Area and decided to make Northern California her new home, taking her next job as a full time nanny in Lafayette. This time she got her own apartment and was afforded the opportunity to enroll at the community college where she took Swimming and Life Guard courses and became CPR certified.

Wanting to learn a second language and with a passion for new adventures, Katherine took advantage of an opportunity to work in France. The agency offered her a position in Paris and she didn’t hesitate to pack her bags and move overseas where she would spend the next fifteen months caring for three small children while taking in a new cultural experience, learning the French language and deepening her love for the arts.

Back in San Francisco after nearly two years abroad, “Kat” began taking art classes at City College while bartending and waiting tables, and of course babysitting. She was then offered the opportunity to live in Washington D.C. to study art restoration with Bettina Jessell, working on several pieces including a Carocci painting. Kat spent the next two and a half years visiting museums and teaching ceramics at the local community center and community college as part of their home schooling program.

Smitten with wanderlust, Kat took another nanny job overseas, but this time in Italy, so she could study marble sculpting and thereafter travel through Europe, also spending time in the Persian Gulf city of Dubai.

Katherine ultimately received her Associate Arts degree in Fine Arts from City College of San Francisco. And herein began the next chapter of her life…

Kat started a family with her partner Mitchell, and together they share the joy of raising their 4-year old son, Brehm.

With the encouragement of friends and family, and her lifelong dream of having her own art studio to teach children Ceramics and other arts and crafts, Kat has bestowed upon this exciting new adventure to share with her community.

The Eureka Valley Art Studio offers children’s art classes, after school programs, and special events for parents and families. Your child will feel at home here and learn all that is art. Please stop by and see that this is a place where inspiration can be discovered…

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